Weather Updates for Jammu & Kashmir by Director MeT Sonam Lotus

The meteorological department on Friday said there won’t be “continuous or heavy rainfall” for a week from 19 July in Jammu & Kashmir, though active monsoon may cause thundershowers during next week.

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“Since monsoon is active over J&K, there is a forecast of frequent shower especially in Jammu region during next one week,” he said.

“There is no such forecast that suggests that there will be continuous rainfall from 19th to 25th in Kashmir,” director, MeT department, Sonam Lotus said in a Facebook post that he said was issued “in public interest”.

There will be rain/thundershower in many parts of Jammu & Kashmir and in some parts of Ladakh region as well and it is normal. We are monitoring it very closely on 24×7 basis as usual.”

The MeT director said in case of any such forecast, the administration and the people will be informed well in time.

“The news has spread far across south Kashmir. I don’t know who spread such unconfirmed news,” he wrote.
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