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Dr. Zakir: As far as using toothpaste is concerned, most of the scholars say that using toothpaste is permissible; including Shaikh Bin Baaz (may Allah have mercy of him). He says that using toothpaste along with tooth brush is like using Siwaak, and the Prophet has never prohibited using Siwaak, it’s perfectly alright, it doesn’t break the fast. But it should be careful that you should not swallow any of it? So swallowing any part of toothpaste is forbidden, that’s the reason some scholar said Maqrooh thinking, Oh if someone has toothpaste that has a strong taste and if someone swallows so that’s the reason some said its discouraged, but the right ruling is that as long as they are careful that you don’t swallow any part of it you can use a toothpaste and a toothbrush it does not nullify your fast. Yusuf Chambers: Ok.. Excellent.

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